Zann Clip

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These Hair Clips Stay Put!
Posted by Anichka

"I love these hair clips. I have long, straight hair and nothing wants to hold it up. It always slips right out of other hair clips. Not with these. My hair stays right where I clip it all day long until I take it out at night. Love. Love. Love."


Posted by bpetr

"These are as advertised. I love them. I was hesitant due to the price; however, I got tired of trying things which didn't work for me. I have shoulder length hair and suffer from hot flashes so my hair is almost always in a ponytail or in some hairdo away from my face and neck. These are so comfortable, I can twist my hair away from my neck and sleep with no problems at all. I am close to 61 years old and my hair is not as thick as it used to be. These clips do a great job for me."


Great Product
Posted by Cyndyanna
"This is a great product. I have fine hair and have trouble finding things that will stay in my hair. This not only holds my hair well, but it is not heavy. It is easy to put in and it stays well. Love it."


great clip!
Posted by dreamer62

"I have tried most every clip out there to hold my thick heavy and now long hair. These clips hold my hair all day without pulling my hair or giving me a headache. Highly recommend!"


No more headache's!!
Posted by alchahopper

"These spiralclips are the best!!! I use to get headache's whenever I would wear my hair up.I have very long THIN straight hair and I live in Arizona. Wearing my hair up is important for staying cool,but I could only do it for about an hour before I would get a headache and have to take it down.These spiralclips are awsome!! I now wear my hair up 24 hours a day.I even sleep in them.They are that comfortable."


Great for thick curly hair!
Posted by Dani L

"These are SO wonderful if you have a lot of hair like me!!!!! It is now so easy for me to twist my hair and pin it up AND have it stay up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks QVC for another unique product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Posted by newtothis

"LOVE these clips! I thought I would never find anything that would hold up my long, thick, curly hair but these really do. The concept is GENIUS! Thank you for offering these and please keep them in your inventory! They are WONDERFUL!!!"


YEA! They Work Great!
Posted by thaielephant

"These work great for me. I have tried everything over the years. Have a very tender scalp and a lot of general pain. These go in with ease (with a little practice--there is a learning curve). The rounded ends don't hurt in any way. I have somewhat stiff hair that is resistant to bending or twisting, but with these that doesn't seem to matter. The go in and STAY in. I can lean back on my head in the car because they are so flexible. no bump like the big plastic ones. The curlicue base is excellent for holding onto hair. Occasionally they'll get caught or stuck, but then they are wound into the hair to some degree. Also, my hair will also crimp when I am hot and sweaty and take these out after several hours. None of this is a problem for me. Each persons' hair and situation is different. These work for me. "


Finally, something that works!!!!!
Posted by cindybh

"I have tried all kinds of hair gadgets to hold my hair and nothing worked except those bulky clips. I hate those clips! But these hair clips are absolutely wonderful!! Now, they won't hold only thin parts of hair, like just to hold back the sections around my face. But, they hold up all my thick, thick hair when I want to put all of it up. They are great!!!"



Really great hairclip!!!
Posted by diamondgirl2

"I have had mine for several years and love it. I got 2 - one for my purse and one that I use constantly. I have thick below shoulder length hair and once I get it in properly, it does not come out. I wear it to keep my hair up while working in the yard (I live in hot, humid Florida) and it does not fall out ever - even when I get my hair caught in bushes!
I do have a crimp in my hair after removal, but that is not from the clip - it is because my hair gets wet with sweat and anything (even a hair scrunchie) will do that.
They have held up better than anything else I have tried.
I recommend this to everyone - you can always return them if you don't like them!"


I Can't Believe That I Like This so much!
Posted by PcbHou

"I have thick medium length hair. I really like the way this keeps it all clipped in place. (except for a few layers) It doesn't get caught in my hair and I haven't found strands of my hair wrapped around the coils. I can even sleep with it - WOW! I like it so much, I can't even complain about the cost. And I REALLY REALLY want to complain about the cost. But since it works, I just can't."


Nice, very very nice
Posted by Aragabymimi

"Holds my fine shoulder length hair very well. Looks so pretty."


Finally, a clip that holds my hair!
Posted by Black_Dolly

"I love these clips. I have very long, very thick, curly hair and I've never once been able to find a clip that would hold my hair in place, but these work great! I used to be so envious of the girls who could just twist and clip their hair into place. Now I can finally do it! Thank you, SpyralClip!"


Thick Hair wonders
Posted by Indigo

"All I wanted was an inconspiuous hair ornament that would hold up my medium length super thick curly hair. These are the BEST!!! You can't imagine how many hair ornaments and barettes I have that pull my hair out, do not hold enough hair in them and look tacky and big. I am picky and ladies these are lovely things. I appreciate that they come in silver and gold. Simple, good design, not too bulky, flexible and look very nice in the hair. Thank you Thank you. I am 58 and these are the best hair barettes I ever had."


Love them
Posted by thegirl

"These clips are fast, easy, and look good. I've never liked the way regular clips or bands hold my hair up -- they fall out & kind of flatten the hair at the crown. These clips hold securely & comfortably with no pulling. Would like to see black & brown colors if possible."


Absolute Genius!
Posted by makeupfrEk

"I purchased my first Spyralclip over a year ago, and purchased a second one about 2 weeks later. I have extremely long (to my waist), thick Pacific Islander hair and I have spent alot of money on other clips, barrettes, etc.; and none of them are able to hold up my hair all day because my hair is so long and heavy; this clip does. Another reviewer stated that it did not work for her long hair, I'm not sure why but, I'm hoarding more Spyralclips because it works for me. I'm going to order x3 more sets!"


Large Color-Coat ZannClip 3-3/4" x 3/8" by charlott
 I have had my Zann Clips for a while now. I am lost without them. If I misplace one I go cazy till I locate it. They are a wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My hair stays in place and no creases in my hair when I take them out. I highly recommend the ZannClip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Large Color-Coat ZannClip 3-3/4" x 3/8" by Kate

    I did extensive research into hair accessories online, and ZannClips/SpyralClips came up. I decided to give them a try despite the costs (for me, they were neither cheap nor exorbitant.) I ordered a large and a small blonde ZannClip after emailing with Suzanne. She was SO fast in response, and answered my question so well! I placed an order and kind of forgot about it, as I live in Australia and my mom was going to send the clips along with some other stuff in a care package whenever she got it all together. A couple of weeks after I had placed the order (or maybe less) it arrived at my house with a note; my order had been delayed for a few days, so Suzanne included three extra clips to "make up" for it. My mom and I were both very impressed with the effort. I didn't see the note, so I don't know, but after reading other info on the site today, I think the extra clips were SpyralClips made in China. I have to say I do notice an aesthetic difference in the clips, ever so slight (the USA ZannClips I ordered are a bit thicker wire and sturdier, with better quality paint than the extras that came) but they were all fantastic! Having had a chance to try all the sizes, I am really impressed. The best thing is that they don't flatten out my curls, and the clip, when anchored properly with hair at the base of the head, doesn't move. It's great for working out, running, sleeping, anything! I wear them in formal and informal settings, and people have noticed, asking where I got it. I haven't used much else since I got them, and I feel like even just wearing a ponytail in a ZannClip is more attractive than a ponytail holder. The only problem I've encountered is a bit of tangling, but I am 100% sure it's my hair (very long, curly) and not the clip, because on days when I go for neater styles instead of my usually crazy bun, I don't have tangle issues. I've had the clips for four months now, and although I've lost one, the other four look brilliant and are all I wear. Well worth the cost, and when my "stash" of clips gets low, I will definitely order again. If you're considering buying quality hair accessories, forget any others and just buy these!     

EXTRA Large Color-Coat ZannClip 3-7/8" x 1/2"+ by DVS

    I love this clip! Ever since I got my first clip, a large, I\'ve continued to increase the size I use as my hair gets longer. It is an integral part of my life now, I wear my ZannClip in a bun all the time! Comfortable, smooth, my fine hair never tangles in it, even overnight! It didn\'t hurt that I got an unsolicited compliment on it at the Walgreens yesterday. :-)    

EXTRA Large Color-Coat ZannClip 3-7/8" x 1/2"+ by Amelie Oubree

    This is a FANTASTIC hair clip! Finally, something that will hold up my thick, long, curly hair. I had the pleasure to talk with the inventor of this product and she was so very helpful and friendly. I must say that I'm very impressed with the ZannClip, as well as the inventor. Such a TALENTED lady! I can wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who is "hair challenged" as I am and wants to wear their hair up in cute hairstyles.     

Large 3 3/4" x3/8 by Marjorie Ellsworth

    I bought this clip about 2 years ago on QVC and found myself wearing it exclusively. I gave all my cumbersome traditional barrettes away. Because my hair is thick and coarse, I could never fit all my hair in them anyway so I usually only wore them to pull my hair back at the crown. Even then, with the traditional barrette it pulled my hair and left it torn and damaged. I love the ZannClip! I don\'t think I\'ll ever wear anything else in my hair. It\'s pretty and it\'s comfortable and no more damaged hair! Oh and finally I can clip all my hair back in a ponytail :) Love, love, love!!!     

Large 3 3/4" x3/8 by Kathryn

    I love these clips!!!! At this point these are the only clips I use! As claimed, they don\'t slide out and they don\'t leave barrette bumps that traditional barrettes and scrunches do. I have three; one small, one large and one extra large and am about to order more!!     

Large Color-Coat ZannClip 3-3/4" x 3/8" by erin from "eluckydesigns"

    I love the clip. My hair is very thick and it is the first item of its kind that will actually hold my hair. It also does not get tangled! Thank you again, Erin     

Large 3 3/4" x3/8 by Betsy

    I had one of these that I found about seven years ago and recently lost it. I was devastated... it\'s the perfect clip for my curly hair!! I went searching on the internet and found this site and I\'m thrilled. It sounds silly - but I\'m going to stock up on them b/c it\'s my go-to clip! You won\'t be dissappointed in how versatile and cool this thing is!     

Large 3 3/4" x3/8 by Sara

    I have just started using the Large Clip and I can\'t even begin to tell you how wonderful they are. My hair is very thick and past my shoulders and I honestly did not think I could find a clip that would hold all my hair until I found you. It is very comfortable and extremely well made...., not to mention beautiful! It holds all day and very comfortably as well...., not one headache...., you can\'t even feel it. Thank you so much.     

Small 2-1/2" 5/16 by Jennifer Uhlman- co-beauty editor: "beauty in real life"

    and on a side the zann clip. I'm currently growing out my hair, so this has been a lifesaver for the times I need the hair off my face since it's not quite long enough for the ponytail. _ _Thanks again, _Jenn Jennifer Uhlman co-beauty editor: "beauty in real life"